Movie Review: “Four Good Days”


Want a movie night that’s a tearjerker and attention grabber all in one? “Four Good Days” is inspired by the true story of a mom, played by Glenn Close, helping her daughter, Molly, played by Mila Kunis, get clean and fight against her drug addictions.  

The story does an excellent job of staying true to the real-life characters’ story all while depicting what it is like having someone you love be an addict. Molly has struggled with an addiction to heroin for over ten years when one day she shows up to her mother’s house to get clean once again. After 14 past failed recoveries, the doctor decides that Molly should try an experimental drug called Vivitrol, which blocks the feelings of being high and lasts for a month. However, there’s one catch to receiving this “curing” drug: the patient must be clean of all drugs for a week before receiving the shot. The movie goes through the highs and lows of withdrawal and the impact of drug addiction on relationships. 

Director Rodrigo García beautifully unfolds the story of the mom and daughter duo despite the not so pretty subject, and Mila Kunis does an excellent job of portraying what addiction can do to the body and mind. Kunis definitely has her work cut out for her as she portrays such a complex character going through the different stages of being an addict, a recoveree, and clean. Although the set is quite simple, the details of the makeup and clothing help bring the story to life and show the ugly truth about what drugs can do to a body, adding to the overall plot of the movie. 

In general, “Four Good Days” creates a sense of hope during a tragic situation and causes a roller coaster of emotions, all making it fit for more mature audiences. The movie can be streamed on Hulu and Amazon Prime. Just don’t forget the tissues!

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