Movie Review: Everybody Loves Somebody


“Everybody Loves Somebody,” a romantic comedy, puts a fresh and unique spin on what we all know and love about rom-coms. More than just a young woman looking for Mr. Right in all the wrong places, Clara Barron is an OBGYN in Los Angeles who is promiscuous, outspoken, and real. Her choice of language is often unsettling for her patients, but the main character is unforgivably and refreshingly herself.

The main focus of this lighthearted film is Clara’s struggling love life that lacks the love. Just like the typical young, single woman, Clara wants to fulfill her family’s dreams of her own wedding, so when she has to attend a family wedding back home, she takes matters into her own hands to avoid her mother’s disappointment.

Clara asks a friend and co-worker pretend to be in a relationship with her at the family function and risks all of the things that could go wrong. Considering this is a romantic comedy, we knew her plan would fall through in some way, and although we expected her family to find out her secret, we did not expect Clara to run into a past lover and be faced with a choice between her past and a possible future that she had no idea was there.

The movie is predictable just like the majority of movies in this genre, but Klara Souza, from “How to Get Away with Murder,” does an exceptional job with the complicated main character role. Souza portrays a unique woman with an awkward side, but she gives the character a smart and likeable nature. This combination of characteristics creates a refreshing main character that could quite possibly be our favorite part of the movie.

Keeping predictability in mind, everybody likes a good romcom on a rainy day or Sunday afternoon. The movie was good, but don’t feel the need to rush out to the theater for this one. Seeing this movie in the theater would be the perfect girls’ day out activity, or just pick up a copy later on for those days you binge on cheesy romantic comedies.


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