Movie Review: Dolittle (2020)


The fictional character of Dr. Dolittle has been charming audiences for decades now, and that trend continues in the 2020 adaptation, simply entitled “Dolittle.” Robert Downey Jr. stars as the titular doctor, gifted with a knack for both animal languages and medical skills. These talents come to his aid time and time again as he voyages through the film, surrounded by a star-studded animal voice cast. With the likes of Emma Thompson, Octavia Spencer and Rami Malek, the animals come to life in a hilarious and genuine way. 

The human cast isn’t half bad, either: Antonio Banderas and Michael Sheen dissolve into their colorful roles, supporting the disgruntled Downey Jr.’s John Dolittle. With a touching story, an incredible cast, and creative solutions to problems, the movie keeps its audience entertained. Young viewers will love it—and older viewers? While it doesn’t leave you with the impression of a best picture nominee, it is pleasant and cheaply entertaining, and the creative premise of Dr. Dolittle’s animal-centric lifestyle made it unique and not entirely predictable. All in all, it’s cute, it’s colorful, and it does appeal to all ages, making it a decent weekend flick.


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