Movie Review: Bird Box


Horror films are far from a new concept. It feels like a new movie with terrorizing undertones is released each week. But 2018 saw a shift in the storytelling aspect of horror films. Instead of focusing on the brutality or maximizing the screams, movies made the story of survival the priority.

One such film is the Netflix original “Bird Box.” What starts out as a typical day in the life of Malorie Hayes, played by Academy Award winning actress Sandra Bullock, turns into an all out nightmare as everyone around her begins to commit suicide. After finding safety in a house shut off from the world, Hayes and other survivors try to understand what could be causing the strange occurances, as well as how to continue living in their new situation.

The film takes a much different approach than most horror flicks, as it does not reveal what the entity causing the suicidal behavior ever looks like. Instead, audiences are left in wonder as character after character succumbs to their untimely fate. That also allows for the storytelling to develop, which “Bird Box” does very well. The film flashes back and forth from the start of the deadly events to five years later, where only Hayes and two small children can be seen. The flashbacks help break up any slow points in the film and gives substance to each timeline by complementing the events in both.

The acting, highlighted by Bullock’s performance, is spectacular, as is production. While it may not go down as the greatest film ever made, it certainly serves its purpose to entertain audiences.


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