Movie Review: A Dog’s Purpose


“A Dog’s Purpose” hit theaters January 27 and has made its way to the number two movie in the box offices. Directed by Lasse Halstrom, with the main character, Bailey the dog, played by Josh Gad, viewers are able to have an insight to what dogs might really think or feel. Through this tearjerker, Bailey takes viewers through his many lives as he travels through many breeds and families all while exploring his true purpose as a dog.

First, viewers meet Bailey as a pup, when he is just starting to question what his real purpose in life is, and then we follow him through four very different lives, as four different very different dogs, who are each serving four seemingly different purposes. As Bailey makes his way through his lives, no matter the amount of years that pass, he never forgets his first boy, Ethan.

Bailey and Ethan are inseparable from the time that they are both youngsters and through Ethan’s high school days. In his next lives, Bailey is a great companion to his people and finds that it seems they too are missing someone or something just like he is still missing his boy. However, it’s in his last life that we travel through with him that he discovers his purpose as a dog and even helps his person find their own purpose.

Suitable for all ages, this film is great for a family outing, date night, or one to see with the roomies! The only advisory we have is to head to your seats with plenty of tissues in hand and beware that you may find yourself headed to your local shelter afterwards to adopt your own Bailey.


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