Messina Hof’s Mardi Gras Mayhem Murder Mystery Dinner


Channel your inner detective at Messina Hof Winery & Resort’s Mardi Gras Mayhem Murder Mystery Dinner on March 2 from 7-9 p.m. Feast on a three-course meal and award-winning Texas wine while fathoming clues in order to solve the Mardi Gras mystery that has beset New Orleans.

The Mardi Gras Mayhem Murder Mystery Dinner is one of Messina Hof’s murder mystery events that allows guests to become the actors and storytellers in the evening’s festivities. The mystery’s focus is centered on the disappearance of Darrin Hibiscus, a local property developer in New Orleans, who is this year’s Rex King of the Mardi Gras. Here’s the set up of the mystery from the Messina Hof website: “The city is full of party-goers, the parade has just finished, and the invitation-only Ball is about to commence.” After Hibiscus disappears on his way to collect the keys to the city, vital questions remain—“Where has he gone? Has he been kidnapped? It’s your job to find out…”

Sarah Fite, Messina Hof Designer Event Coordinator says that throughout the dinner, guests will be able to converse amongst themselves and use clues to solve the mystery. “A host progresses the story, but the mysteries are self-driven,” she continues. “Guests are communicated with prior to the event,” Fite says. “Everyone gets a character assignment and the background of the story.” While costumes are not required, they are recommended, given they enhance the theatrical nature of the event. “Guests are encouraged to come as dressed up as they like,” she adds.

The three-course menu for the event is still in the works and will be paired with Messina Hof wine. “Even though wine will be served at the dinner, guests under 21 years are welcome to attend,” says Fite. “We will cater to these guests by serving sparkling grape juice.”

Messina Hof Murder Mystery Dinners are praised for their attractiveness as entertainment options for all ages in the B/CS community. “Going out in Bryan/College Station often includes either going to a restaurant or talking over one another at a bar,” says Fite. “Here at Messina Hof, we provide a full experience that is accompanied by a three-course meal.” Guests are encouraged to attend with their family and friends to savor the food, and of course, fun.

Tickets for the event are $69.95 and includes general admission, a three course meal, and wine. Tax and gratuity are not included. Tickets can be purchased on the Messina Hof website at

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