Messina Hof Harvest Cellar Tour and Dinner


As previously announced, Messina Hof’s 43rd Annual Harvest Festival is a go! With it comes so many wonderful events, but one of the best is the newly revamped Harvest Cellar Tour and Dinner happening on Saturday, August 1 from 7-10 p.m.

Though events such as the Daytime Harvest and Moonlit Harvest provide a fun way to participate in the making of Messina Hof’s world class wines, the Harvest Cellar Tour and Dinner will provide a much more relaxed atmosphere. During this tour and dinner, guests will be walked and talked through the barrel process by CEO Paul Bonarrigo and his wife, Karen. Guests can expect three wonderfully prepared dishes with carefully selected wine pairings.

For the first course, guests will be served a Shrimp Cobb Salad made with locally grown butter lettuce, tossed with red wine vinaigrette, topped with blackened Texas Gulf shrimp, and layered with red bell pepper, red onion, and Gorgonzola cheese, and drizzled with an avocado puree. For the main entree, a Maple Braised Pork Belly will be served with rice pilaf and sautéed baby carrots, and drizzled with a Maple Messina Hof Merlot reduction. Finally for dessert will be a Caramel Apple Cheesecake drizzled with a Salted Messina Hof Angel Riesling Caramel sauce and topped with poached apple and fresh whipped cream.

From those who know a lot about wine to those who are becoming more interested in learning, this event will provide every experience level with details on the Messina Hof wine making process in a fun and different setting, the Cellar Room.

Tickets for this unique event are selling fast but still available online and are $69.95 a person. 


Interview with Teri Ryan-Office Manager for the Designer Events Department


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