Mentors & Makers presents: Lathe Workshop


Remember back in elementary school, when the art teacher allowed everyone to play with clay and mold it into whatever their premature brain desired? I personally remember thinking the kiln was such a cool concept. Over the years, we have come to understand that hands on activities such as writing, sewing, playing guitar, and, of course, pottery making are a great way for people of all ages to sit back, relax, lower that blood pressure and relieve some stress. With that being said, using a lathe to create art is an awesome and unique way to have fun, while also learning with either your friend or partner.

A lathe is a tool that spins a piece of metal, wood or clay to make it easier to work on. Pottery wheels are one of the most recognizable kinds of lathes, but lathes are also used for practical things like carving furniture legs and smoothing gun barrels.

Mentors & Makers, a local space dedicated to making it possible for the community learn new skills they might not otherwise have the equipment for, will be holding lathe classes on January 24, 27 and 30.

At these beginners workshops, groups of two will learn about the anatomy of woodworking with a lathe. They will be expertly guided through all the spinning instructions and made aware of all safety precautions.

Talented and knowledgeable staff members are happy to help and assist with any questions or concerns regarding all the projects. Partners will each be given the unique opportunity to work with awesome state of the art equipment.

Two people for the price of one! For the cheap price of $35, two individuals (ages 15 and above) will be able to share a spindle and create their own masterpiece. In conclusion to this entertainingly informational class, each participant will personally take home a finished turning.

The sky is the limit in these workshops, as anything is possible in their fully equipped woodworking and metalworking shop. All differing types from around the community are welcome at the College Station workshop, where classes are held year-round.

For more information check out or to register for this unique lathe workshop please visit or the Mentors & Makers personal business site.


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