Mela: A place to house and discover new recipes!


Have you ever found a really delicious recipe, cooked it, devoured it, and then lost the recipe because you forgot to save it? Then, when you looked again for it online you couldn’t find it because there are too many recipes to count online? Never fear, because this never has to happen again. Introducing: Mela

Mela allows its users to keep all their recipes in one place with the click of a button. Inside the app, Mela has a built-in online web browser that makes it fast and easy to save recipes to your digital cookbook straight from the web. If you come across it on Safari, no problem. You can easily share it with Mela and it will instantly be transferred to the app. 

Maybe some of your favorite recipes aren’t online, but perhaps from your mom or grandma’s famous cookbook. Not to worry, Mela has a feature that lets users scan recipes straight into their personal cookbook. Now all of grandma’s recipes can be in one place on your digital device. 

Not sure what to cook for dinner? Mela’s got you covered! Not only does the app allow you to save recipes, but it helps you to discover new ones as well. After finding one that’s to your liking, add it to your cookbook so you can keep it for later. 

While cooking, Mela makes it easy to see the recipe at hand and the ingredients needed to make the dish. It is all clear and in one place, which means there’s little room for mistakes! 

The creator himself, Silvio Rizzi, actually developed this application as a birthday present for his wife. After he realized how useful and beneficial it was, he turned it into an app that everyone could use! 

Don’t hesitate to start making your personal cookbook using Mela. It’s especially great for college students and those who like to keep everything in one place-their phone! 


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