Maroon Weekly’s Tailgate Guide


Aggieland’s favorite season is back! Once again, Spence park will be filled with diehard Aggies and food, lots of food. If you love the smell of barbeque and having some beers before the game, follow this guide for a successful game day.

Football is a sport that brings people together in more ways than one. It is a great opportunity for a family outing, a first date, a friend group hang out or a group of strangers to become friends.

Although the game does not start until the evening, tailgating is a tradition that starts early. As always, there are a couple of things you should know before the big day starts.

First off, know the rules and regulations about tailgating. For A&M, things can get hectic and overcrowded on the tailgating grounds as people run to claim the best spot, so it is important to know that setup is Friday before the game at noon. Unfortunately, you cannot stay overnight, but you can return bright and early at 7AM to start the fun. For more information, you can always check out the A&M game day website.

Always check the weather beforehand to know whether to wear loads of sunscreen, rain boots or a bulky jacket that makes it hard to move. Even though it might not affect your desire to tailgate, it is good to be prepared.

Music plays a big part in setting the mood for a tailgate. Make sure you have a playlist that fits the particular atmosphere of your party. That might be a tough task, so streaming other football games is a good idea as well.

What is tailgating without food and drinks, right? Do not forget to bring some shareable snacks for the rest of your party. If you are setting up your personal tailgate, here are some good foods to have, as well as some fun games that will keep your company entertained while waiting for the game to start.

  • Chips with any dip, really. People love their salsa, guacamole, queso, bean, etc. Any kind of popular chips will get fans munching.
  • For the health gurus, carrots and hummus are a great choice, as well as apples and peanut butter.
  • As for the games, beer pong and bean bag toss are classics. Friends also enjoy playing cards, ladder toss, or ring toss.

By the time the game starts, you will have a happy heart and a full tummy, but do not forget that A&M recently implemented the clear bag policy. Kyle Field allows you to only take your belongings into the game in a clear bag.

Other useful things to know are:

  • Tailgating is not permitted inside or on the roofs of any parking garages.
  • Grass areas within 15 feet of a parking lot are reserved for those who have a valid parking permit.
  • Overnight occupancy of tailgating sites is prohibited.
  • No parking is allowed on grass areas or sidewalks.
  • Tents larger than 700 sq ft and 400 sq ft with sides require a University inspection. Any tents may not be held down with stakes that penetrate the ground more than 12 inches.
  • For other specific requirements, visit

Do not be afraid to tailgate all day, but just remember to have all equipment down by midnight. And, as always, enjoy the day and stay out of trouble!


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