Local Spotlight: Sweets by Elise


For some, running a company is just a job, but Elise Mock managed to make a business out of her passion.

Sweets by Elise is an up and coming business in the Bryan-College Station area that is owned and operated by an Aggie Alumni, Class of ‘14, who believes that things done with love will always work out.

It has only been about six months since her business started, and it was not your usual planned out business. Mock said she took a chance and made the best out of it.

My mother-in-law asked me to make cookies for a bridal shower, so I decided to try my hand at royal icing cookies.” Mrs. Mock said. “After that things kind of just snowballed. And I had friends asking if I could make cookies for birthday[s] and showers and all of those good things, and I just kept saying yes!”

Mock mainly focuses on royal icing cookies, but she does not steer away from baking other kinds of treats, such as cupcakes, cake pops, french macarons and even wedding cakes. Mock bakes for any kind of occasions, such as graduations, weddings, holidays, anniversaries and birthdays.

The competition is tough, as it is for many small businesses, and starting out is not easy. Challenges were faced and obstacles were overcome. Mock was an International Studies major at A&M, and she had no background or knowledge in how to run a business. She had to be self-motivated in order to be successful.

Mock faced many obstacles specific to starting a business centered around food. “I had to figure out if my kitchen needed to be inspected by the health department, if I needed liability insurance, and a few other legal things,” said Mock. This lead to her learning a lot more of what goes into a business, and helped Mock understand that it was not just going to succeed right away.

Mock’s hard work has paid off, and her business is starting to boom.  Her new task of baking wedding cakes can be demanding, but, with her optimism and determination, Mock sees the challenge as an opportunity to grow her company.

She currently runs a Facebook page, Sweets by Elise, that is continuing to grow. Mock is looking into the future and is soon launching a website, that she will use to attract other customers and expand her market.

Mock hopes that she is creating more than just a good dessert. She wants her food to be something that helps people grow closer during the important moments her sweets help celebrate. “My hope is that people will enjoy my sweets, allow them to bring a smile to their faces, and be brought closer together by enjoying them alongside community,” Mock said.  

Mock is always trying to help others out, and she had a few words to say about those trying to start a business. She hopes her success gives people hope that you do not have to be an expert in a certain field to be able to succeed. Her first advice is to simply get started, despite how intimidating it can be.

“Just go for it” said Mock. “Doing what you love can be so healing and show you so much about who you are.”


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