Lisa Urban Art


For anyone who has a love affair with the arts, Lisa Urban might just be able to capture your eye. As well as your wallet. Born and raised in Kansas, Urban completed two terms in the “Navasota Artist-In-Residence” program before she moved to Bryan, TX, where she currently lives and works.

Urban’s art is a discovery and exploration of time and memory, all of which is illustrated through landscapes. Like many children, Urban was fascinated with books and animation. They were able to transport her to a different universe, one where freedom rang true and strong and the pains of the real world dissolved. Because of the magic she felt as a child, Urban took up knitting as an adult in a chance to recreate something new and exciting out of yarn and needles and to feel the same wild abandonment she did as a child.

Freedom is something every one of us wishes to attain, and, for those of us who do manage it, the magic overflow through the ways we wish to express ourselves and recreate the moments of pure joy. Whether that be in the form of poetry, knitting, or painting is in the hands of the free.

Today, Urban chooses to recreate the memory of her childhood in paintings and installations of knitted forms placed within the painted landscapes. Her pieces are bold and mesmerizing. The knitted figures are a visual representations of memory and magic. What began as a fascination morphed into an art of creating new memories and falling headfirst into existence.


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