Learn The Ways of the Wine World at Messina Hof


Looking to expand your knowledge of Texas wine? There’s no better place to do that than down the road at the Messina Hof Winery and Resort, at their upcoming VINclusive Weekend on Jan. 18-19 and their next installment of Cooking Party with the Chef: “New Beginnings” on Jan. 20.

Messina Hof has served as “the forefront of the Texas wine industry” for 40 years, and at VINclusive Weekend, guests will get to work right alongside Messina Hof’s wine professionals.

Whether you’re a novice or a connoisseur, the VINclusive Weekend encourages and inspires you to experience wine more fully. “The Texas wine industry is steadily growing,” says Sarah Fite, Messina Hof designer event coordinator. “We want to make sure everyone feels comfortable when purchasing wine at their grocery or liquor store.”

Living in the information age as we do, picking up wine tips here and there is relatively easy, but this special event at Messina Hof does so much more than simply help you find a new wine you like. The weekend strives to bring wine and viticulture to life by putting guests in the vineyard. “VINclusive Weekend is unique because it is very hands-on. All Messina Hof staff are readily available to you while you work hand in hand with an eighth generation winemaker,” says Fite.

For example, take part in the pruning workshop in the Messina Hof Estate Vineyard, then test your palate in the blind tasting and aroma challenge workshop. All while enjoying two gourmet champagne breakfasts as well as a Winemaker’s Lunch and a custom four-course dinner, prepared exclusively for VINclusive guests. At the end of the weekend, each guest will be provided with a take-home plant to practice newly acquired skills and to start his or her own vineyard.

In addition to VINclusive Weekend, Messina Hof will be hosting its Cooking Party with the Chef: “New Beginnings” on January 20 from 1-3 p.m. at The Vintage House Restaurant.

Every month, Messina Hof’s in-house chef hosts a cooking party, featuring Messina Hof wine in the dishes. January’s theme is “new beginnings for the new year.”

“This month’s cooking party focuses on a clean slate by transforming traditional dishes into something new,” says Fite. “Our chef has put a spin on the first course that will be featured on the cooking party’s menu, Sugar Snap Pea Salad,” she adds.

Messina Hof cooking parties welcome all skill levels. The chef performs cooking techniques at the front of the room, and all guests are able to observe and ask questions throughout, says Fite.

Guests can also register to win culinary door prizes and will receive a recipe booklet to take home. “One ticket is $69.95, plus tax and gratuity,” says Fite. “We have a seating arrangement for the cooking party, and groups can be formed upon special request for those who wish to be put together.”

The Full VINclusive Package consists of a two night stay at The Villa Bed and Breakfast for $990 per couple. This price includes tax and gratuity. Those who wish to attend VINclusive Weekend without lodging at The Villa Bed and Breakfast can take advantage of the Daytime Package. This package allows guests to enjoy the pruning workshop, the blind tasting and aroma workshop, and lunch in The Vintage House Restaurant on Jan. 19 for $100 per person. This price includes tax and gratuity.

Tickets for all events are available for purchase on the Messina Hof website.

For more information, visit http://www.messinahof.com/allevents.



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