Last Chance Art Exhibits


By Madison Matous

A few of Aggieland’s summer galleries are about to make way for fall season. So, whether you are a student just getting into town, on vacation, or simply just hadn’t found the time to go, don’t miss your chance to see these one-of-a-kind exhibits before they’re gone!

Forsyth Gallery

A Second Look: Interpretations of Works

The gallery collaborated with local artists to showcase their permanent collection in a new and exciting way. Artists from around the area were asked to interpret and respond to a piece from the collection. The artists came up with new works in various media making viewers take a second look at the original piece the artist’s eyes. The exhibit will make way for a new one September 9.

Crystal Clear: The Science of Glass

Forsyth Gallery is well known for their diverse collection of art glass, both English cameo glass and American glass. “Crystal Clear” exhibits the glass in a new way by not only showing the beauty of the glass, but also telling the scientific process of how the glass was made. They explain how temperature, minerals and processes in nature can affect how the glass turns out and gives it a different look. This exhibit will be up until September 6.

Reynolds Gallery

As Above So Below

The MSC Visual Arts Committee is hosting an exhibition showcasing the mixed media works of Bobbie Molne-Kramer, which combine the worlds of realism and abstraction. The subjects of Molne-Kramer’s work are snow monkeys. In the artwork, she hints at the subjects within what at first glance looks to be an abstract piece. The unique technique is one you shouldn’t miss. Take a look before it goes on September 12

More information on these and future exhibits can be found at the MSC Visual Arts Committee Facebook page (Reynolds Gallery), and


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