Lakewalk Market in Bryan


Summer is still stringing along and bringing in some of the the freshest picks and most creative artisans to the Lakewalk Market. Lake Walk Town Center is a new and innovative venue that hosts great events in Bryan, Texas that will be putting on a farmers market every Tuesday from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. during the Fall months.

Lake Walk, at the Town Center of ATLAS and Traditions, is a meeting place full of parks, restaurants, and a stelar hotel that really shows the spirit of Texas. The great collection of hospitality makes for a state of the art night of entertainment.

This coming Tuesday, September 19, will be the third Tuesday of Lake Walk’s farmer’s market. There will be many vendors, such as Jimmy Bobby’s Sausage Co., Bolton Works Plants & Herbs, Great Harvest Bread Co. and Steel City Pops, who will be out to showcase their foods. There are more than 20 vendors that will be showcased at this market.

The market will feature some of the local start up businesses that use these kinds of events to show people their products. At Lakewalk Market, you will see all kinds of foods and product from sausage to bread to plants. It is hard to miss out on the opportunity to gain knowledge on the great products being produced so close to home.

Some of the vendors will be offering free samples of their products, so you can enjoy the great taste of home grown foods. More than just food, there will also be vendors of other products such as candles and soaps.

As always, live music and food trucks make for a great end of the day destination. As if that is not enough, Lakewalk Market was named one of 13 farmers market “worth traveling for,” by

Lakewalk Market makes for a great destination to relax and enjoy some time with family and friends. Do not forget to pass by every Tuesday this Fall at 4250 South Traditions Drive in Bryan, Texas.


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