Kyle Park – The Blue Roof Sessions, October 23


Kyle Park – The Blue Roof Sessions

Park pushes the boundaries with his newest release, “The Blue Roof Sessions.” The first track, “Come On” is an up-beat, modern country tune that sets the tone for the album. Park brings a more rockin’ sound to “Never Slow Down” and “One of These Days.” He slows it down with “I Lose, You Win” and “What Goes Around Comes Around.” His smooth vocals are brought out in “Work on Love,” an easy-flowing, smooth track, it brings balance to the album. He cranks up the country in “Like the Rain” and “The Last Word.” The final track, “Four Walls” has a funky-blues vibe to it that suits Park’s voice well.

DJ Kahled – I Changed a Lot, October 23

This 16-track deluxe edition packs a punch for the famed rapper. He brings in many friends to collaborate with him on this album, with a few names to include Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Trey Songz, John Legend, Jay Z, and Lil Wayne. One artist, Future, is looking to this album to help him break out into his own new level of fame – he is featured on a whopping five tracks throughout this record. New artists Fetty Wap and August Alsina also make appearences on the record. The album has a great mix of tracks. From up-beat club anthems, DJ Kahled transitions well to more R&B-style tracks. The 16-track deluxe album is a great, consistent album for any rap-lover.

Judith Hill – Back in Time, October 23

Soul-singer Judith Hill has released “Back in Time,” an 11-track album that showcases her wonderful voice and personality. The album mixes funk, classic pop sounds, R&B, and jazz. The title track, “Back in Time,” is infused with a mix of soul and pop. Her wide range of vocal talents is put on display throughout up-beat tracks like “Jammin’ in the Basement,” “As Trains Go By,” “Wild Tonight,” and “Turn Up.” – each helps to bring out the funky side of the album. Judith brings out the soul in “Angel In The Dark,” and throws down a distinct jazz feel with “Beautiful Life.” Overall, a great album.

FEATURE Sam Hunt – Between the Pines (Acoustin Mixtape) October 27.

Rising country star Sam Hunt surprised many fans by dropping his acoustic mixtape “Between the Pines.” The 15-track album is a mix of his album “Montevallo” and several songs that Hunt has written but have been released by other artists. The acoustic versions bring out another side to Hunt by stripping away the auto tune and other fillers, allowing us to see Hunt’s raw talent. We also see his fun-loving personality come through. Included on the album are three number one hits, including “Come Over” that was released by Kenny Chesney in 2012. Hunt will be joining Chesney on his “Spread the Love” tour in 2016. “Come Over” includes a third verse that was not recorded by Chesney but Hunt brings it in along with a lot of raw emotion to the song. Also included on the album is another number one hit in “Cop Car,” recorded by Keith Urban and “We Are Tonight,” recorded by Billy Currington. Sam Hunt is proving his critics wrong when it comes to “is he country.” His sound may not be textbook “country” but his lyrics are undeniably well-versed in the art of Nashville poetry. A great songwriter and an up and coming singer, Sam Hunt has pleasantly appeased many with this mixtape.


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