Investing in an Exciting Future with SEAD Academy


The greatest investment one can make is helping a child grow intellectually and to develop their life skills. Innovation, creativity, and initiative are all skills that can be taught to youth to help further their success as an adult. SEAD Academy and sponsor Reynolds & Reynolds make it their top priority to invest in the younger generation, and SEAD Academy has been offering amazing STEM camps for kids K-12 for the past seven years. 

Marie Marchand, SEAD Academy’s Director, says they were inspired to offer these amazing opportunities to “mix science, engineering, and art design together and teach kids those skills they will need to use throughout their professional life.” To that end, in their robotics camp this week, SEAD Academy has been guiding students through a series of steps to promote self-learning and creative thinking to build a robotic arm, providing all necessary materials except hot glue and a screwdriver. During the camp, students receive a link to attend meetings and get to keep all materials at the end of the week.  

Like many camps SEAD Academy hosts, the Robotics & Programming Camp is very applied and hands-on. Students are able to polish all the pieces provided in the kit and assemble them according to the teacher’s guidance. Students are also able to express their individuality by decorating the robot. They are taught how to work the electronic pieces and program them to allow the robot arm to move around. 

Thanks to sponsors Reynolds & Reynolds, camp registration costs were kept very low, so available spots went quickly, but SEAD Academy is exploring new options to help reach more students who were not able to register before the camp filled. 

Every year, SEAD Academy cooks up a new, exciting program to offer their students. While there is a wide array of camps offered, they all require the student to build problem solving skills as well as utilize the ability to put their own unique and individual spin on their projects. In the past couple years, there has been a game design and programming camp, a Smart Home competition, and a Digital Art Techniques Camp. There is always an opportunity for any child, regardless of their academic interests and talents. 
Fostering success in a child is rewarding and inspiring. SEAD Academy sees greatness in each child, and strives to provide opportunities that allow them to choose a path they love and are great at. SEAD Academy’s vision is to see children as world-changers and help them to experience the great things they can do first hand. To stay updated on what’s happening at SEAD Academy, follow them on Facebook at


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