Housing Guide: Apartment Roommate Profiles


Tour the apartment complex? Check. Read and sign the lease? Check. Fill out a roommate profile sheet? Hold please. If you are looking for a new apartment to live in next year, finding a roommate to live with is half the battle. If you don’t already have a someone in mind, utilizing apartment roommate profiles can aid the worrisome process.

Most apartment complexes have whipped up a system of roommate matching. After applying to the complex and signing your lease, the next paperwork you can expect to fill out is a roommate matching form.

This page-long profile will include basic questions like name, hometown, major, and classification that you can expect to see on a majority of them. They will continue to delve into specific questions such as what times you typically wake up and go to sleep, how often you watch television, exercise, or hang out with friends. At this part of the profile form, it is crucial you are as honest as possible. Don’t feel embarrassed if you wake up late every day or enjoy spending time with your friends. This will allow the apartment complex to get an idea of your ideal home life and match you with someone who either enjoys the same schedule or is content in living with someone who does. You can include any organizations you participate in  and hobbies and interests you enjoy on your own time.

Important questions in a roommate profile will ask you pertains to smoking and living with pets. Be honest if you do smoke or cannot stand to live with someone who does. Additionally, keep in mind the word “pets” can mean any type of animal from dogs and cats to mice and snakes.

Though these apartment complexes have good intentions in making their tenants happy, they are not a matchmaking company. Your roommates may or may not become your best friends or even match half of the recommendations you made.

These questionnaires not only help to identify who you are a tenant, but will allow the apartment complex to match you with like-minded individuals who share your similar interests in hopes for a comfortable living situation.


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