God Save the Queen (Theatre)


by Madison Matous

Located in downtown Bryan, the Queen Theatre is a local treasure. First opening in the late 1800’s as a hotel, the Queen Theatre is a crucial piece to the historical fabric of Downtown Bryan.

The Schulmann family bought the theatre and remade it into one of the first air-conditioned theatres in the area. After a long-standing run, the Queen closed down in 1985. A once-prominent venue, the theatre was left for ruin. The Downtown Bryan Association (DBA) has sought to change that, working on restoring the Queen to its former glory.

Restoration began with the outside and though it has stayed much the same to maintain the original look of the facility, the association has big plans for the inside. The end goal is to turn the Queen into a universal event center for special occasions.

Currently, the DBA is raising funds to finish the interior restoration and renovation of the Queen. They are offering the option to rent the famous exterior marquee for up to a week at a time, giving those interested the ability to display messages for events or even something sweet for a loved one—marriage proposals perhaps? T-Shirts are also on sale with proceeds going strictly toward the renovation budget.

If it’s not in your personal budget to fork over the nickels and dimes, your time is also greatly appreciated as general volunteer work is accepted for various upcoming projects.

For more information on the theatre and how to help out the cause go to downtownbryan.com.


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