Girls Power at the Girls World Expo


Who runs the world? Girls!

Just like Beyoncé chanted on her hit single “Run the World” in 2011, girls run the world, and it’s about time we make it known. Girls World Expo is coming to the Bryan-College Station area to host a very exciting event. This free event is for teens who want to inspire the world. Calling all young women to the Brazos Center located off Briarcrest Drive this Sunday March 18. From 12 to 4 p.m., hundreds of little girls will have the opportunity to be inspired. . This day-long event was described on the website as an event created by local teen girls for local teen girls.

Local Girls Advisory Board is a committee made up of teens from the local Bryan-College Station area. These ladies have collaborated and worked hard to create a unique experience, just for you! These girls have strategically worked closely alongside credible local media partners, so that this day is guaranteed to run smoothly and be filled with fun! This event is about connecting the girls with one another and their community.

Throughout this special day, participating girls will be given the opportunity to attend workshops, experience science exhibits as well as different demonstrations, seminars and of course grub from yummy vendors. The day is going to be filled with dancing performers, different demonstrations and the opportunity to listen to some influential women speakers. They will even be given the unique opportunity to meet and converse one-on-one with these wise women.

By listening to experts in their industry and encountering professional women galore, hopefully the little girls who attend this event will be inspired by meeting their own real-life SuperWomen.

Girls World Expo provides the rare opportunity for children of this generation to see what their future could look like, all while gaining the tools and knowledge they will need in order to get there. However,  this Sunday funday isn’t all work with no play.

There will be a fabulous fashion show, a melodic music show, and an art show highlighting  talented local artists and dance performers. The ever chic and popular Girls World Expo Marketplace will of course be making its appearance at this event, in case your little ladies need any extra hair bows or glitter.

This glitz and glam day isn’t just any other day for your loved one. This is a chance to make your little girl truly feel like a princess. Girls World Expo was created in hopes of inspiring the girls of today to realize just how strong, brave and capable they truly are. Nowadays, there are too many negative outside influences that break down and discourage our children. We can  teach our little girls to be proud and powerful. Go girl power.


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