Final Fails


By Annabeth Reeb

It’s the end of the semester – time for Christmas music, holiday cookies, celebration and of course, finals. You’ve been having nightmares all year about sleeping through tests or getting dates wrong, but this is what it all comes down to. We asked a couple of students for their worst final fails to make you feel a little better – a friendly reminder that it could always be worse.

Facebook Friends Till the End

Female: “Freshman year I missed my chemistry final because my prof originally gave us his other section’s syllabus with the wrong final date. My prof found me on Facebook and messaged me, where he told me I missed it and asked if I was okay. I had a panic attack but I told him what happened and I ended up taking it with his other section. Crisis averted. He added me after that and likes all of my pictures.”

Fitness over Finals

Male: “I was working out at the rec when I got a text from a girl in my class asking for a Scantron. I asked why she needed one and she just replied ‘for our final?’ Turns out the teacher put the wrong date on the syllabus and I never looked at the universities test schedule. Safe to say I didn’t do so well.”

Worse than a Hangover

Female: “I skipped class the week before finals week, thinking it would just be a review. I went to Northgate the next night where I ran into one of my classmates. He asked me why I wasn’t at the final the day before. I ran home and emailed my professor but he wouldn’t let me take it. I’ll never make that mistake again.”

As Long as You Never Call Me Again

Female: “Last year I showed up to my anthropology final at 3pm, only to find out it was actually at 1:30pm. I immediately started crying but I was in the architecture building so no one knew who my professor was. I cried to the lady that worked there and she said she would do her best to help me. She found me a phone number to call, and when someone answered I just balled crying trying to explain what happened. It turned out to be my professor’s personal cell phone. He hung up because he couldn’t understand me and texted me his TA’s email, and yay for me because I was allowed to take it the next day at noon.”

Nightgown Nightmares

Female: “My first ever final during freshman year…and I woke up for my 8am math final at 7:57am. I ran to my friend’s room and woke her up and she drove me there but apparently was still half asleep because she didn’t even remember it the next day. I had gone to sleep with my hair wet and my hair is naturally curly so it never looks ok in the morning, so I walk into my final at 8:15am in my ‘almoose asleep’ moose night gown, wild hair and those Jesus sandals which – by the way – make the worst noise when the whole room is silent. I walk to the front of the class to get my final and I swear by the look I received from my professor and the students it was obvious I looked like the most disheveled human being alive. Needless to say, I did not do well on that final”

Watch Out for the Rapper

Male: “Freshman year I rode a bike around campus and was so frenzied trying to get to my final that I ran over the rapping professor with my bike and just kind of yelled ‘sorry’ and kept going so I wouldn’t be late. Oops.”

Bloody Blues

Male: My friend got a nose bleed from hell halfway through an exam and bled all over his Scantron, as well the girl’s next to him. The professor made them both completely start over and schedule a retake.


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