Farmer’s Market in Downtown Bryan


As we all know in Aggieland, our fall Saturdays belong to Aggie football. But what about those weeks when the Aggies are on the road, or when their season is officially over? What happens to those Saturday mornings and afternoons that aren’t filled up with catching up on sleep, homework, or other personal agendas?

Should ever you find yourself with a free Saturday morning, and you’re someone who loves surrounding themselves with food and art, then the Brazos Valley Farmer’s Market just might be for you. Located at 500 North Main St. in Downtown Bryan, the market is a year-round event with one seasonal market, that is in operation Saturday from 8 a.m. to 12 p.m. The Brazos Valley Farmer’s Market has three objectives, the same that have been in place since 1997, and they are: to create a venue where local farmers can immerse and connect themselves with Brazos Valley consumers, to build a community, and to provide education on regional farming, gardening, and food preparation.

The market receives no funding from the city or state, but is instead run by vendor fees and generous hours of volunteer time. These vendor fees are collected from the dozens of vendors that are in attendance, selling everything from Texas Longhorn Grass-Fed Beef to wheel-thrown stoneware pottery. The market is a friendly and vibrant attraction that has everything you could want, like fresh fruit, salsas, and beaded jewelry, to things you never knew you wanted, such as crafts, room fragrances, and even a birdhouse, if that kind of thing catches your eye.

The vendors at the market are genuine, and, just when you think you have found your favorite vendor, the next one makes you fall just the same. The food is homegrown, the fruits are the kind of sweet you can’t find in the grocery stores, and the jewelry is unique and beautiful. One minute into the Farmer’s Market, you’ll find yourself with five things in your hand, ready to buy.

The vendors and volunteers are the foundation for the market, and they have gone above and beyond to run this market smoothly. They succeed in creating a cultivating atmosphere, that leaves you yearning to return the next week, ready to get that one thing you swore you’d get next time.


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