Exploring the Five Senses at The Children’s Museum


Have you heard? This summer, your child can take a deeper look into their lives by getting in touch with all five of their senses at the first ever “Sensorium” Camp at The Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley. Starting Monday, June 17, the “Sensorium” camp dares children to explore the world right at their fingertips. Spearheaded by the five senses, the camp will bring all kinds of fun to children with science, cooking, and exploration!

Head Camp Counselor, Christina Freeman, says that the activities let children see how the five senses are used in their everyday lives. “Becoming more engaged with our sensory organs and nervous system can be tremendously fun!” Freeman says. “For example, we could make squishy slime using aromatic essential oils, create music using a variety of professional and homemade instruments, or use our artistic skills to decorate (and then taste-test!) cupcakes. There’s truly no limit to the fun we can create!”

With the vast learning possibilities, this particular camp is unlike anything The Children’s Museum of the Brazos Valley has hosted in the past. “The ‘Sensorium’ camp sprouted from our desire to put a fresh, more imaginative spin on the concept of the traditional science camp,” Freeman says. “We’ll have the freedom to not only conduct science experiments but also create magnificent works of art, play games, and express ourselves through music and movement. Please come explore with us!”

So make sure your child has their eyes and ears wide open because this is a camp they’ll love to get their hands on! The “Sensorium” Camp will take place from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Monday, June 17 and end on Friday, June 21. Registration is $50 per child daily and $200 for the whole week, excluding Standing Ovation Level CMBV Members, which is instead $150. Children ages 4 and up are welcome to participate.

To find out more or register for the camp, visit https://bit.ly/2WHQMhd


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