Exclusive Interview: Kenndall Lewis


Oftentimes when we have goals that we hope to accomplish, we are told that “the sky’s the limit.”  Well for amateur MMA Fighter, Kenndall Lewis, that’s turning out to be true. We were able to catch up with Lewis before his MMA Title Fight on April 21.

A Former Rudder Ranger, Lewis grew up right in the backyard of Texas A&M University in Bryan, TX. Lewis started training for MMA after graduating from Rudder High School in 2013.

“I got started in fighting right after I graduated high school,” Lewis said. “One of my best friends, Chris, was training at Windy Sports and Fitness [where] he introduced me to Bobby Powers and Jermaine. I’ve been in love with the sport ever since.”

After putting in many hours of hard work in and out of the training ring, Lewis had his first fight in 2015. When asked to recollect that day and the emotions he felt, this is what he had to say.

“My first MMA, I was nervous but excited. The very first round, I went out there and the guy picked me up, slammed me and I felt a pop in my jaw.” Lewis said. “The round ends, I go back to my corner, tell my coaches and they tell me that I’m okay. We continue fighting, and I end up winning the fight with a broken jaw.”

After three years  and countless hours of training, Lewis has fought and worked his way to fighting in the “Brazos Throwdown 4” on April 21. When asked about how he has trained for this fight, Lewis was sure to keep it simple and not give away too much.

“My training camp has been great, and I’m excited to show everyone what I have learned,” Lewis said. “I’m very excited for my first ever title match.”

Winning the Title Fight would be a huge accomplishment for Lewis, and he is looking forward to adding those credentials to his MMA resume. However, aside from training and matches, Lewis enjoys spending time with his family.

At just 22-years-old, Lewis is a full-time father and husband to his daughter Aliyah and wife Lanie, while also working full-time and pursing his MMA career.

“They are my biggest inspirations. The motivate me to work harder inside and outside of the gym to be the best husband, father and fighter I can be,” Lewis said.

He finds that balancing it all can be tough, but with the constant support and help from family and friends he simply considers himself to be “blessed.”

“It feels hectic at times, but I know God wouldn’t put anything on me that I couldn’t bear,” Lewis said.

When Lewis isn’t in the gym training, he enjoys going to the park with his family, hanging with his friends at the shooting range, playing quite a bit of Xbox and attending Two42 College Ministry at Brazos Fellowship Church.

As a local of Bryan-College Station, Lewis had a lot to prove to the Brazos Valley, but he has been received well.

“I cannot even explain, but it is a great feeling,” Lewis said. “The love and support that I have gotten from everyone has been outstanding.”

Lewis hopes to take his career as an amateur MMA fighter to the next level buy going pro and hopefully being a competitor in the UFC in the next 10 to 15 years.

In the meantime, audiences can see him go toe-to-toe with his competitor Benacour at the “Brazos Showdown 4” on April 21. Tickets are going fast, and it’s a show you don’t want to miss.

Make the Brazos Valley proud, Kenndall!

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