Entrepreneurship Hour with McFerrin


Do you want to shape your future into something magnificent? With the Startup Aggieland
network, you can jump right in!

Startup Aggieland hosts events throughout the semester encouraging, teaching and transitioning
new, innovative ideas into reality. If you missed the previous event, “Entrepreneurship 101,”
there’s still time to attend the upcoming event, “Entrepreneurship Hour” on Tuesday, November
13 at 6 p.m. The event will last one hour and is a platform for ideas and tactics to support your
sprouting business.

LauraLee Hughes ‘08, Assistant Director at the McFerrin Center for Entrepreneurship says the
goal of the event is to connect entrepreneurs within the university to those in the local
community and to provide an opportunity to learn more about the McFerrin Center and Startup
Aggieland. Both of these resources are valuable in helping to discover the direction to go when
trying to launch your own business. The McFerrin staff will be able to share about the many
programs offered and upcoming events, and you’ll the have the opportunity to network with
entrepreneurial students, faculty and staff, and members of our community.

Hughes explains, “The speaker for Entrepreneurship Hour is yet to be announced but will surely
be a field expert when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. They will be engaging,
informative, and able to help entrepreneurs connect with different programs and resources.”
Anyone is welcome to join, whether you have a clue about entrepreneurship or this is your third
business, and no matter if you’re a student or BCS resident. The event is free of charge, and there
will be refreshments to conclude the event and provide networking opportunities.

Startup Aggieland and the McFerrin School have crafted a creative space for people of any
background and experience to live their dream, become their own boss, or share their innovative
ideas. If you feel completely lost when it comes to business and innovation, this is the perfect
place to start. Hughes adds, “Even if you decide entrepreneurship isn’t for you, you’ve at least
made some great professional connections.” Through partnering with the McFerrin School, you
can become familiar with the process of moving ideas to viable business opportunities.

Although the event is free, please RSVP online at the McFerrin website.

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