DIY: Wine Cork Repurposing

wine corks, corkscrew and bottle of wine on dark background

Do you have a collection of wine corks that you are just not sure what to do with? Good news: there are tons of wine cork crafts that add both style and function to your home.

DIY Wine Cork Coasters:

What you will need:
• 6 Wine Corks Per Coaster
• A Box Cutter
• Medium Sand Paper
• Hot Glue Gun

What to do:
1. Cut your wine corks into thirds horizontally using the box cutter.
2. Once all corks are cut, sand the rough edges with the sand paper.
3. Place the cork pieces into the shape you would like, and then hot glue them together.
4. Put your new coasters to use!

Source: Pink When Blog

DIY Wine Cork Monogram

What you will need:
• Flat Wooden Letters
• Craft Glue
• Wine Corks

What to do:
1. Just lay out a few corks at a time on the letter, then glue them down.
2. When you have finished gluing the corks, let it set for a while to dry.
Tip: When gluing the corks, it is best to work from the bottom up to ensure that there is enough room for the all of the corks.

Once the monogram is completed, they can either stand on their own or hooks can be attached to hang on the wall. These letters make great bulletin boards or decorative pieces!
Source: The Suburban Mom Blog

DIY Wine Cork Vases:

What You Will Need:
• Cube Shaped Glass Florist Vase
• Wine Corks
• Craft Glue
• Knife or Box Cutter

What to do:
1. Start by laying the corks out on one side of the vase. You will want them to all be relatively similar in size. Depending on the size of the vase, some corks may have to be trimmed with a knife.
2. Start gluing corks on one side of the vase. Put glue on the back of the cork and hold in place for a few seconds before moving on to the next cork.
3. Repeat on all sides and finish by gluing corks vertically on the corners of the vase.
4. Fill with flowers!
Source: Design Improvised Blog


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