Dinosaur Zoo at Rudder Auditorium


A population of creatures that wandered the earth 66 million years ago, we’ve had to accept the fact that dinosaurs are extinct. The art of presenting their stories, however, is definitely not. Production company Erth brings the tales of these creatures to College Station on February 12. Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo Live takes Rudder Auditorium by a roar, as part of their North America tour.

This theatrical, breathtaking production of Dinosaur Zoo Live takes it audiences through pre-historic Australia, turning the auditorium into the land before time. The towering, colorful mechanized creatures that look and sound real make for a historical yet entertaining show for all audiences. While children enjoy the vibrant and eye-capturing story, adults are mesmerized by the magnificent contraptions. The production also includes skilled puppeteers and performers trained by professional paleontologists to ensure accuracy with some creative license.

Erth Visual and Physical Inc. is based out of Australia, where it the most renowned production company for captivating and entertaining theatrical performances. The group is also known worldwide for its talent, as they tour the US, and UK with various other shows. Along with the use of life-like props, Erth’s talented staff is also known for creative puppetry that brings all creatures to life. Furthermore, the staff-constructed stage objects and scenery mesmerize audiences and move them to a thrilling experience.

The show starts at 1pm but arrive early to find parking and beat the crowd. Seats can be purchased online at the MSC Box Office website, and ticket prices range from $25 to $40. More information is available on the Erth Visual and Physical Inc. website, including clips from past shows.

Dinosaur Zoo is family-friendly for anyone to take kids to, but there’s no shame in coming if you just love dinosaurs, regardless of age. This 50-minute production will transport you through time, and the world 66 million years ago will seem more exciting than you ever would have expected.


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