Colony House @ GST


Colony House

Grand Stafford Theater will be buzzing with the music of indie-rock band, Colony House on Thursday, November 5. The native Tennessee band debuted with their album, “When I Was Younger” in 2009, reaching the Billboard 200 and Heatseekers Album Chart. With Caleb Chapman at lead vocals, his brother, Will Chapman on drums, and Scott Mills on guitar, the Colony has gained momentum with rock fans everywhere – young and old.

Hailing from Franklin, Tennessee, the group found a fitting title in the name of an old apartment complex on 11th Avenue in their hometown.

“Colony House, a humble apartment complex on 11th Ave. in downtown Franklin, Tennessee, has at some point in each of our lives been our home. Now it is our namesake as we take Franklin with us and travel around the world playing music for those who will listen!”

Colony House released their second album, “Silhouettes,” which was received with just as much praise as their first. We can expect to hear songs from both albums on Thursday, ranging from loud rock to softer, subtler indie songs.

The Colony House will be joined by guest band from Austin, the Rocketboys. They have had tracks featured on television series such as “Glee,” “Private Practice,” and “Elementary,” among others.

The group self-describes their sound as something that “reflects the Texas landscape from which they hail: vast, yet sparse, desolate, yet rich and abundant. Familiar lyrical themes of romance and love are often eschewed in favor of songs of brotherhood, family, life, and death in the band’s dynamic musical array, from guitar and keyboard-rich anthems to gentle, ethereal whispers.”

With the New York Times giving these guys an accolade stating that they’re an effective blend of Death Cab for Cutie and Coldplay, the Stafford will have to do all it can to keep the walls standing for the show on the Thursday night.

Tickets will be $10 online, and $12 at the door. Whether you are a longtime fan or just a music lover looking for a night out, be sure to check out Grand Stafford on the 5th!


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