Cody Johnson w/ Roger Creager at Wolf Pen Creek


Attention Aggieland: Get ready to put on your pearl snap shirts and twirl in your skirts, because Cody Johnson is coming back to College Station. Cody Johnson is a big deal in the country scene, and he’s back in town to kick off the school year at Wolf Pen Creek on September 17.

Johnson is no stranger to the spotlight or adoring fans, having six self-released albums. His sixth album, “Gotta Be Me,” was released back in 2016 and debuted at number two on the Billboard’s Country Albums chart.

Johnson’s delivery of confidence and charm leaves you wanting to be a cowboy raised in outlaw country. His voice is undeniably unique, similar to country kings Jason Aldean or Tim McGraw. In the beginning of his “Gotta Be Me,” Johnson’s melodies paint a story of a rueful cowboy who drinks too much, fights too much, and is unapologetic about his opinions. For those of you who aren’t sold on the renegade style, don’t discard Johnson just yet. Being the swoony cowboy that he is, in “With You I Am,” Johnson expresses his woman’s influence on his work, creating a song that will more than likely have your significant other dragging you out onto the dance floor.

Seeing Cody Johnson live in concert is a night you won’t forget. Even if you haven’t yet heard his work, you can’t help but fall for the way Johnson truly becomes his music. Johnson lives inside his words, and he recreates the emotion within those lyrics, laying himself bare to the audience. When Cody Johnson steps up to that microphone, he leaves everything else behind him. He is living in that moment and he’ll make you live it, too.

Joining Johnson on stage will be Roger Creager, Muscadine Bloodline and Koe Wetzel. This show was rescheduled due to Hurricane Harvey.

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