CASA presents Superhero Fun Run


Everyone needs a hero, but there are some who need Superheroes. The Bat signal has been activated and the need for flying capes is higher than ever, with the first Annual BCS Superhero Run coming up on Saturday, Nov. 4, at Lake Walk Town Center.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) was created back in 1977 by Washington Judge David W. Soukup, who oversaw cases involving child abuse/neglect. These children were often taken from their home and put into the system. Beginning with an all-volunteer team, Soukup recruited and trained people from the community to step into a courtroom and fight on a child’s behalf. These volunteers soon became the Court Appointed Special Advocates, and they laid the foundation to what would later become known as National CASA.

Overall, there are over 1,000 CASA programs nationwide, and there are 71 CASA programs here in our very own state of Texas. CASA came to the Brazos Valley in 2000, with the first group of volunteers completing their training in July of 2001. In the seventeen years since, 100% of children in the Brazos Valley are being served.

The Superhero run is a chance to have fun, dress up, and let these children know that they are important. The world needs superheroes. It needs us.

The race calls for dressing up in your favorite superhero or villain costume, to run either a 5k or a 1k. You can enjoy a post-race dance party, food trucks, a silent auction, and a costume contest.

If you want to get more involved, the bat signal is also calling for sponsors. Your sponsorship will provide a trained advocate for every child here in the Brazos Valley that has ties to the child welfare system.

Some circumstances in life may have us believing that the world has no good left in it. Here is our chance to change that. Be a superhero for a night. Put on your cape, and answer the signal. There are children out there who need you.

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