Bryan Ghost Walk Tours


It’s not even close to October, but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about ghosts and all things spooky. Every old city has hidden ghost stories, including Bryan. Want to find out more about our haunted secrets? You’re just in luck because Bryan Ghost Walk tours are ongoing until May 14 every Friday and Saturday night. 

If you’ve ever watched “Ghost Hunters” and wanted to experience something similar, you need to book a tour! During the tour, you’ll be offered investigation tools like K-II meters, EMF detectors, and a spirit box – these tools help detect spirits and their energies, and if you’re lucky, you can communicate with them. You’ll leave the tour feeling like an experienced ghost hunter!

Amber Tindall, the owner of Bryan Ghost Walk, says that there have been times when a spirit will communicate with groups and stick around for 30 minutes. “Our favorite spirit is Wendy. She is the little girl best known to haunt The String and Horn Shop,” says Tindall. “She likes to follow us around town and loves when we bring her new equipment to play with,” she says. The tours are outdoors only for now, but Bryan Ghost Walk is working on getting access to the interior of buildings. 

There’s no need to worry about jumpscares – this is not a haunted house. The tour is meant to educate people about the general history of Downtown Bryan while including a darker side. There are two separate packages that can be purchased – a family-friendly tour from 7-8:45 p.m. and an adult tour for ages 12 and up from 9:15-11:15 p.m. The adult tour details more violence. If you’re looking for a unique experience with friends, consider scheduling a personalized tour for a group of up to 20.  

Ticket prices range based on age, but nothing costs more than $18 if you book online. Walk-up tickets are priced at $20. You can meet your tour guide in front of The Carnegie History Center, and they’ll lead you the rest of the way for an eventful night! As these tours have only been going on for a year, come on out and have a unique story to tell to your friends! 


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