Brew Supply Haus—Wine Making 101


Fancy evenings, casual evenings, and all sorts of evenings are just better with a glass of wine, right? But imagine what your friends and family will say when they find out that wine was made by you! Brew Supply Haus in College Station teaches all sorts of “make your own” classes, and on Wednesday, July 17, they will be teaching Winemaking 101, a hands-on class that will have you creating that savory drink you long for. 

Co-owners Kristi and Jason Shryock will break down the wine-making process so attendees can easily create a great-tasting batch. The process will include an ingredient kit and picking wild grapes! “As with all of our classes, we want our attendees to have the experience of making a product themselves and have the confidence and knowledge to recreate it at home,” says Kristi Shryock. “In this day of overly processed products, it is refreshing and easy to make so many things yourself and save some significant money by doing it yourself.”

Know anyone else who would be interested? Bring your friends or significant other! And why not use those new skills to gift someone a bottle of wine you made all on your own? Now that’s a gift from the heart!

Wine Making 101 will take place at the Brew Supply Haus on Wednesday, July 17, at 6:30 p.m.. Tickets are $20, and the deadline to purchase them is by 6 p.m. two days prior to the day of the event.

Those who attend will be notified when the wine is ready to sample and receive 10% off a wine equipment starter kit as well as 10% off their first ingredient kit if purchased the day of the event. There’s only a limited number of seats available, so purchase tickets soon for a truly interactive experience! 
To buy tickets and find out more about Wine Making 101, visit


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