Brazos Bingo Gets Makeover


One of the oldest bingo halls in the Brazos Valley has received a makeover.

Brazos Bingo recently updated their facilities, changing the interior, switching the smoking and non-smoking rooms and updating computers for electronic bingo stations. Jason Pohl, hall manager, said the renovations were necessary for continued growth and success.

Brazos Bingo first opened in 1986 and moved to its current location in 1991, to accommodate for a growing number of patrons. Pohl believes the bingo hall has continued to grow due to its altruistic nature.

“It’s charitable bingo,” Pohl said. “We give back as much as we can and people seem to appreciate that.”

Currently, Brazos Bingo raises proceeds for five charities in the Brazos Valley: St. Joseph Catholic Church; St. Joseph Catholic School; Bubba Moore Memorial Group, Inc.; Scotty’s House Brazos Valley Child Advocacy Center, Inc.; and the College Station Professional Fire Fighter’s Association.

Pohl hopes the renovations also help bring in the next generation of bingo players.

“It’s always the goal to expand your reach,” Pohl said.

Judy Marrs is a lifelong resident of the Brazos Valley and has enjoyed evenings with friends and family playing bingo. Marrs is excited about the recent changes to Brazos Bingo and the potential impact it will have on her experience.

“I’ve played bingo with a few different crowds, most recently a younger group of friends,” said Marrs. “We all had a blast. It was a great environment. But I can’t wait to go and see how much has changed.”

While Marrs has made a few trips to Brazos Bingo over the years, she is planning on attending more in the future. She is confident that the updated the venue will only add to the enjoyment bingo nights always bring.

“It’s always a great time, regardless of how well you end up doing.”

Brazos Bingo is located at 1805 Briarcrest Drive in Bryan and is open seven days a week. Visit their website to get more information on rules, hours of operation and current specials:


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