Blake’s Steaks Opens Brick and Mortar


Blake Zeitman started off his dream of running a food business with a food truck. Five years later, he is finally opening up a brick and mortar version of Blake’s Steaks right off University Drive in College Station. He has many plans for the business, and the future’s looking bright.

“I have always loved food. My passion has evolved over the years and turned itself into a business,” Zeitman said.

He knew he wanted to fill a gap in the food industry here in BCS, so he went on an adventure.

“I went on a road trip, ate lots of sandwiches, asked lots of questions, and tried to get as many people to let me in their kitchens as possible,” he said.

Zeitman’s food truck has been a hit since the start. With over 1,000 likes on Facebook, there are nothing but good comments on his page. He is very open about his business and what goes on behind the scenes. Blake constantly posts live videos to show his followers the love he has for his business.

“My mom used to say I had consumed $100k worth of N. America’s finest cuisine. I just like to say I’m a fat kid that likes fat kid food,” he said.

Zeitman is known for the delicious cheesesteaks that he’s been producing out of his food truck. His slogan “The Texas King of Cheesesteaks” really rings well with his success. Prior to opening a fixed establishment, he would station his food truck at different locations around town in order to get the most business.

Zeitman said, “Brick and Mortar has always been the goal. We love the truck and I will continue to operate the truck, but my goal has always been multiple fixed locations.”

Blake’s Steak’s menu is full of delicious options that will satisfy any hungry person looking for a great meal. From his signature cheesesteaks to wings to something more daring, Zeitman offers some interesting specialties as well as food that is more common.

“Blake’s Steaks is the best Cheesesteak outside of Philly. We use Amoroso rolls that we get in from the bakery right outside of Philly. We cook em the way they do in Philly. That’s a fact,” Zeitman said.

This new brick and mortar location means more than just food.

“People should know that I have my name on this. I believe in what we are doing. I want everyone to enjoy my sandwiches as much as I do,” Zeitman said.

Blake’s Steaks will have its official soft opening on December 1, starting at 11 a.m. For details and information, you can follow Blake’s Steaks social media. He is very active on them, and it is always great to support local businesses.



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