Belly Dancing Classes at The Dance Center


Have you ever wanted to move to the rhythm of the music?

Dance Center, Adult Academy of Art and Fitness is excited to announce the start of their belly dancing classes.

Belly Dancing is very much a spiritual art form, with every movement seamlessly flowing together. This dance style is enticing to watch, as it is a very connected sort of movement. One will almost feel as if they were watching a body of water, as this extremely unique art form seems to be the epitome of smooth and connected.

Classes will begin again this February and have been being hosted here for about 15 years now. They will be held every Monday afternoon at 2 p.m. This hour long workout lesson encourages beginners and all dance levels to attend and participate. Classes can be bought in eight week sessions at $140. Individuals may start classes whenever they please, and participants have the option of performing in the annual Spring and Fall dance show hosted at the Palace.

“Our motto is quality instruction over quantity,” said Ella Trumpfeller, owner of The Dance Center. “We are strongly supportive of quality, which is why we have such small classes. We chose to make this experience more intimate, so that we can cater to everyone’s needs.”

Located on Harvey Mitchell, The Dance Center has been moving and grooving it up since 1982.

This class will be led by the Dance Centre’s belly dancing expert, Instructor Rachel. This belly dancing instructor has been working at the studio since May of 2012.

However, her experience doesn’t start there. Rachel has traveled the world for nine years, training in ballet, jazz and lyrical. With this extensive dance foundation, Rachel has been able to add those elements into the structure of her classes. By this method, she is able to better reach and impact all dancing levels during sessions. With a mix of her education and her own unique style, Rachel is able to share her love of this under-seen and under-appreciated art form.

“Rachel has a very unique sort of style, she specifies in tribal. There are actually a lot of divisions of belly dancing, so she makes sure to go through and teach basic drills as well,” Trumpfeller said.

Instructor Rachel has attended multiple workshops from world renowned belly dancers. She graduated from the Art Institute in Houston and has performed at many different festivals, including the local Texas Reds Fest!

Call or visit the Dance Center’s official website to learn more, and good luck shaking it up out there on the dance floor.


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