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You’ve probably noticed a lot of bee talk in the media recently. Reportedly, the number of bee colonies in the U.S. has largely declined since 1962. Since insect pollination is a key factor in producing crops that we eat, many people can agree that bees are good, even if they sometimes bug us. On Saturday, September 7, at TAMU’s Agrilife Center, the Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association will be hosting an all day Fall Bee School where you can learn the basics of beekeeping.

Chris Barnes, a Brazos Valley local, began beekeeping in 2013 when the closest beekeeping club was about a 45 minute drive away. Barnes wanted to remain in a beekeeping club, but knew he needed one closer to home. He initiated with other local beekeeping enthusiasts and established the Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association. 

Past members of the Brazos Valley Beekeepers Association have extracted honey from hives, managed bees, and even safely removed and relocated bees from homes. Bee School is also a fundraiser supporting the Brazos Valley Youth Scholarship Program.

Now, thanks to this association and its partnership with the Texas A&M Honey Bee Lab, you can learn the importance of bees and beekeeping. You can also pre-order a personal hive kit to pick up at Bee School for $85 each, which will enable you to setup your box and frame in the “Hive Body & Frame Building” class where tools and helpers will be available to assist you. 

Bee School registration is now open. Class is $70 per individual or $125 per couple, $15 for kids with a parent or guardian and includes a catered lunch from J.Cody’s. The event will take place at the Agrilife Center and Agricultural & Life Sciences Building on Texas A&M University’s Campus

See what all the buzz is about, and possibly take some bees under your wing!

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