Babe’s Doughnut Co.


It seems like in every city, people are obsessed with discovering the best doughnut or coffee shop to stop at before work or for a relaxed weekend brunch. This is understandable because everyone loves doughnuts, right? If you know what I’m talking about and have been looking for exactly that, we may have found the place for you. Babe’s Doughnut Co. opened on Texas Ave. in Bryan this February. The shop has classic glazed doughnuts, specialty doughnuts, seasonal options, classic drip coffee and lattes. The mastermind behind Babe’s was the previous owner of Kai’s Doughnuts also in Bryan.

Stopping in to Babe’s on a Saturday morning, we noticed an atmosphere that was difficult to define. It is simple and light yet cheerful and inviting. The customers on any given morning range from families to business professionals to college students. The selection of doughnuts, signature coffees and daily specials are wonderful to kickstart your day. Babe’s also offers free wifi, so you can have a treat while getting some work done, catching up on the news or mindlessly surfing the internet. Try out this local doughnut shop, and we hope it turns out being a place you look forward to going.



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