Arts Council of Brazos Valley August Summer Art Camps


With summer now halfway over and the uncertainty of what will happen with school attendance in the fall, it might be easy to forget that there is still a month and a half left for kids to enjoy themselves and learn! The Arts Council of Brazos Valley has been hosting their yearly summer art camps since early June, but if your children missed out on it last month, there are still two more of them in early August for kids aged 8-18! Art Around the World will be from August 3-7, and Whimsical Watercolors will be from August 10-14. 

First of all, Art Around the World promises to broaden a sense of cultural understanding — the range of influences will go from modern Hispanic artists all the way back to ancient Egypt — while teaching campers to express themselves artistically. Taught by Dr. Rose Santos, a College Station High School Art Teacher, students will “create artwork inspired by famous Hispanic artists including, Salvador Dali, Frida Kahlo, and Alfredo Ramos Martinez.” 

Next, from August 10-14, your children will be able to practice their Whimsical Watercolors with local art teacher Kelsey Boe. During this camp, each day, students “will learn a new fundamental of art, a new watercolor technique, and learn how to incorporate those new skills in a watercolor painting taught in a simple step-by-step tutorial.” After they return home, the campers will have five new “beautiful watercolor works of art” that they can take pride in. 

For parents understandably worried about their kids’ health during the pandemic season, the Arts Council of Brazos Valley has been taking precautions concerning this. It starts with asking you to pre-screen both your child and yourself for two weeks prior to the camp and also requesting you take your child’s temperature every morning prior to attending the camp. Additionally, you can expect special drop off/pick up procedures, and rest assured there will be workstations for each child with all their own materials needed that will be placed six feet apart. All parents are asked to make sure they follow the COVID-19 guidelines found on the Arts Council Summer Camp webpage before signing their children up for a camp. 



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