Cost: Free, some optional add ons

For parents, having children home during the pandemic is both a blessing and a curse with the messes they create, intentionally and unintentionally. These messes create unnecessary stress, and coming up with a cleaning schedule that children will actually follow is nearly impossible. 

Luckily, Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule helps create a schedule for cleaning. Easy to use and aesthetically pleasing to look at, Sweepy even gives inspiring quotes as motivation to keep an area clean. 

The first thing that the user sees when opening Sweepy is the different rooms the user has created. From there the app prompts the creation of different tasks that occur at a chosen frequency. The app acts as a checklist and even tells the user the last time that a specific task was completed. 

This app is perfect for parents of young kids, allowing the parent to delegate certain tasks to their children, but is less appropriate for teens. Essentially, Sweepy creates a digital chore chart that today’s tech savvy children will be more invested in. With Sweepy, paper chore charts are a thing of the past.

Sweepy: Home Cleaning Schedule is available on the App Store for both iPhone and Android. 





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