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By Madison Matous

Angry Birds 2

Great graphics. Multi-levels. Even MORE destruction. The sequel to one of the most popular and beloved mobile games is better than ever. With revamped gameplay—but familiar characters—and storylines, you are sure to become addicted all over again. The game is challenging enough to keep you interested, but easy enough to keep frustration at bay.

A few tweaks were made in the sequel, including the ability to choose the order that you send birds flying, new power-ups, and more. In-app purchases allow you to fly through the levels with more access to lives and power-ups, but are not necessary for simple angry bliss.


Looking for an app that can give you a 360-degree view of the news? Look no further. Wildcard is a unique news app that brings you top stories in which summaries and articles from around the web are compiled. Within stories, summaries and related articles can be seen on “cards.” The cards of related articles gives you a sample of the article and when opened, gives you the option to view the story on a simple format for easy reading. These great features allow for a different way of viewing news can ensure that you see trending news from every angle.


School is back in session. If you are feeling swamped with the change in pace, you may want to try 30/30—a new kind of task manager. The app allows you to input the series of tasks you want to get done with time allotted for each task. Once you have entered your to-do list, simply press start and the app will notify you when it is time to move on to the next item on your list. Different, but a great pick for those who want a simpler answer to time management.




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