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6Tribes – Free

This unique social platform claims to cut through the noise by only posting your interests on your feed. From “Coffee Geeks” to “Body Builders” – whatever your interest, there’s a tribe for that. Tribes are filled with like-minded people who post about your shared interest.

The app would be even better if you could connect it to your Facebook account and see what tribes your friends were joining. At this point, there doesn’t seem to be a way to search for friends or add anyone specific. The app seems to be fully-focused on the tribes and meeting people through the use of them.



StyleIt – Free

Find inspiration and then shop the look. There’s a good chance that you look through Pinterest and see outfits you like, but have no idea how to recreate them. This easy-to-navigate app puts everything in one place.

Besides being your personal shopper, the app includes features like getting daily outfit inspirations personalized for you, seeing them on real people, and even create outfits based on the weather and occasion. Once you find your favorites, you can collect and organize your outfit ideas and shop for items from more than 450 stores.


Broken Age

Broken Age – $9.99

While it’s a bit pricey, this game has a storyline that is unique enough to draw you in from the beginning. What begins as two separate people living separate lives, soon collides into a multi-character gameplay. Play between the two characters at will, which is nice when you reach an impasse in one storyline.

The idea started through a crowdfunding project and became a timeless coming of age story with beautiful graphics, filled with puzzles and plenty of adventure that will appeal to audiences of all ages.


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