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dont-starvepromo_0   Don’t Starve Pocket Edition

This whimsical role-playing game will have you hooked for hours on end. The goal of the game is simple; survival. This, of course, means don’t starve or get killed. There are no instructions or tutorials, through trial and error you can figure out how to survive even longer. The game comes with several characters all equipped with unique strengths. Choose your path as a young scientist, a pyromaniac, or a lumberjack with an enchanted axe among others, and take on a world intent on your demise.

Epicurious   Epicurious

From the popular recipe website of the same name comes the app, which is a must-have for your average foodie. Browse endless recipes, add ingredients to your grocery list and even set a timer for when you are ready to cook – all within the app. One of the best features is the smart timer that can help you cook various foods to perfection, putting an end to constantly checking foods to see if they are done – a helpful tool for beginners and meal-time veterans.

orderup   OrderUp

The next big thing in food delivery is here. OrderUp is a fantastic app that brings food from great restaurants and fast food chains to you, easier than ever – something that might pose negative impacts on your diet. Without having to get off the couch, you can have your fix of Chick-fil-A, Buffalo Wild Wings, Grub or even Chipotle. Right now, there’s a good variety of restaurants to choose from, but more would be nice, something we think will change as the app grows.


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