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Zombies, Run! Zombies, Run! (App Store and Google Play, free)

In this revolutionary fitness app, you’re not just running to get fit, you’re running to survive. Zombies, Run! envelops you into a world where you are a survivor in a world that is being overrun by the infected, zombies. Your mission is to collect supplies, rescue survivors and defend the base. Run, walk or jog your way through this award-winning story you will want to play every day.

There are up to 200 missions so that you never run out of motivation and the developers have recently come out with an app specifically for beginners looking to train for a 5k.

Venmo Venmo (App Store and Google Play, free)

Whether you are splitting dinner or gas for the way home, splitting the bill has never been easier. Venmo allows you to pay back your friends with just a press of a button. No need to visit the ATM machine or awkwardly remind friends they owe you for those tickets from last weekend, Venmo is a hassle free and secure money management tool.

Sky Guide Sky Guide (App Store and Google Play, free)

This app allows you to explore the night sky in real time. The app uses your location and connects with your camera to show you what constellations, planets and satellites are in your backyard. Other features include notifications of interesting astronomical events that are happening in your area, including meteor showers and eclipses. There is so much you can learn from the app; learn about the names of the stars above and the mythology behind them, what satellites are passing overhead and much more.


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