App Review: TuneTrack


If you use any of the major music streaming services like Spotify or Apple Music around Christmas time, you’ve probably received the most exciting notification of the year—when your music provider sums up all of your music streaming statistics into a cool graphic with layers upon layers of details about the music you’ve been listening to all year long. It’s a Christmas gift in and of itself.

Now you don’t have to wait until the end of the year to receive all of your music stats! The app TuneTrack tracks your listening activity in real time, showing your top tracks and artists at any time of the year. TuneTrack connects to your Spotify, Apple Music, or account, showing as many as your top 50 artists and songs from the last month, six months, or lifetime. Upgrade to the premium version to see up to 100 of your top songs and artists! You can go even more in depth and view details about those songs—such as their release date, length of time, and popularity.

You can also create playlists of your top songs with the push of a button and share them with anyone. Still want to share your tunes but don’t want to make a playlist? You can export your top songs and artists in a text format, making comparison with friends speedy and convenient. With music sharing becoming more and more popular, now you can send your top songs to friends at any time.

Additionally, TuneTrack features their own team’s curated list of music and shows the top tracks from the past week, making it even easier to compare your most played songs to the rest of the world’s. Further customization within TuneTrack allows you to configure themes and app icons to make your experience with the app as personal as possible. Upgrade to TuneTrack Premium, starting at $1.99/month all the way up to $9.99/month, for access to all app themes and icons, a longer list of top songs on Spotify, and even more features coming soon.

This one’s for you, music lovers! Download TuneTrack today to dive deeper into your own music and discover something new in the process. No need to wait any longer to get to know more about your music library.



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