App Review: Split Balls


Every student knows the dilemma of splitting expenses when sharing an apartment or house. In fact, even many newly married couples face such issues today and turn to advice from friends or technology for help. Thankfully, the new app Splittable attempts to resolve such issues.

Similar to other apps that help users track spending, Splittable keeps records of every financial exchange made with other Splittable users. However, what differentiates it from other apps is its uniqueness for each user or group of users. It allows a group of people, such as roommates, to share records of transactions made toward a household, allowing each person to keep track of household expenses.

Listed as one of the top apps of 2017, this app makes splitting bills and getting payments in on time much simpler. The “All Squared” featured ensures you are all squared away with roommates, with a planner provision that shows who has paid for the month’s expenses and whose payments are pending. Sharing a bathroom with two other people may be hassle every morning, but sharing expenses doesn’t have to be.


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