App Review: Simply Piano


Fall is a season of changes, and for many, learning new things. For those who have wanted to learn piano and needed some encouragement or a good teacher, there’s an app for you. The free app Simply Piano begins when you make a profile to tell the app your goals, experience level, practice commitment, etc. You can even begin without a piano by completing a touch-piano course!

The app guides you through a timeline of courses, with each course having several interactive mini lessons. You sight read as you learn notes, advancing your note reading and playing ability at equal paces. At the end of each course, you play your choice of song presented at your difficulty level. The songs range from classical to rock to pop, giving you an opportunity to find something you enjoy playing at any skill level. It’s features like that, the visual style, and pleasing sounds that are designed to encourage you to keep practicing while moving at your own pace.

After a few courses, the lessons split into two branches—essential playing skills and chords to play along with songs. This divide allows you to build your skills around your goals and purposes. However, it’s also at this point that lessons require a subscription to view, ranging from $12.49 to $24.99 per month. As far as apps go, it’s on the higher end and thus not possible for everyone. At the same time, if your alternative is piano lessons, it’s likely a cheaper option. With the subscription, you gain access to all 25 plus courses, hundreds of songs in various genres, access to sheet music for practice, and more. 

This might be the nudge you needed to finally pick up that musical hobby or the tool you were looking for to encourage you to buy your own piano or keyboard at home. Whether you’re looking to pick up something new, rekindle what you started as a child, or grow a budding skill, Simply Piano could be what you are looking for!


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