App Review: “Shine”


Self-care is a term thrown around so haphazardly these days — so how do we make sure we’re taking enough care of ourselves? That’s where apps like Shine come in. If you’re interested in meditation, gratitude or affirmations but have no idea where to start, let this app guide you through the basics. With features like “check-ins” and “Daily Shine,” the app encourages you to journal one thing per day to be grateful for and to check in on your current mood. While most of their guided meditations are only available to premium subscribers, Shine offers a limited daily selection of free ones to help you focus on a specific goal of your choice — things like getting better sleep, feeling less anxious, being more confident, etc. There’s even a section for the Shine community to publicly post and discuss the ways they live true to themselves and decompress when the going gets tough. In a world where there’s a plethora of apps geared to better your quality of life, check out Shine for its variety and individualized approach.


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