App Review: SeatGeek


Cost: Free

Bryan/College Station is a happening place for entertainment. Between concerts and sporting events, there are plenty of opportunities to go out and have a good time. But getting tickets can sometimes be a pain, especially when travelling to the major cities around BCS. 

“SeatGeek” can help with that. The app centralizes the entertainment world, finding available tickets for sports, music and Broadway shows at cheap prices. The selling point is how “SeatGeek” integrates your social media and music apps to generate a list of events the user would be interested in. Users can track teams, performers or venues to find the perfect event. 

Outside of this factor, there aren’t many differences between “SeatGeek” and other ticket apps. However, the ability to track events based on the music you listen to or the teams you support is a nice quality. Considering it’s a free download, it is definitely worth having this app on your phone.


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