App Review: “Rivengard”


Platform: iOS and Android

Cost: Free, with in-app purchases

The mechanics of Snowprint Studios “Rivengard,” which came out earlier this month on iOS and Android devices, will be familiar to those who have played a lot of mobile games. You take control of an ever-growing cast of fantasy characters and battle your way through hundreds of small maps and increasingly difficult battles.

The good part of “Rivengard” is definitely its battley system; it’s reminiscent of other famous strategy games, like those in Fire Emblem series, where on a single turn, you move all of your units to the best terrain you can find, and then you perform an action, like attacking your enemy or casting a spell. The battles are also all short and sweet, perfect for the mobile platform where you can play a handful of short maps on your lunch break.

The downside to “Rivengard” is that to unlock more than the initial cast of characters you find, you have to rely on a gacha style slot machine mechanic, where you trade in currency you win in battles to randomly acquire new characters and items. Of course, if you’re willing to sink real money into “Rivengard,” this process is much faster.

In all, “Rivengard” is an engaging, lite strategy game that is perfect for mobile platforms, and if you’re willing to look past in-app purchases and gacha mechanics, it’s a perfect way to sink a few hours during your day!


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