App Review: Peacock


The launch of NBC’s new streaming app Peacock brings a swarm of needed entertainment to liven up summer. The much-anticipated service features a combination of classic shows and movies as well as original content and sports, and for a newly launched program, the selection is fairly decent, both in quality and quantity. 

Peacock has several levels users can choose from. There’s a completely free option, which allows users to watch some content with ads; a Premium option for $4.99 a month, which opens all content to viewers but still features ads; and a Premium Plus option for $9.99 a month, which allows viewers to access all the content without the ads.

Even on just the free plan, Peacock has a decent amount of titles to choose from. Hit movies such as The Matrix, Jurassic Park and The Bourne Identity (as well as their sequels) are available to stream at no cost. The variety of content is pretty great: from quirky shows like Psych to kids’ shows like Curious George, from reality shows like America’s Got Talent to throwbacks like Punky Brewster, the app covers a wide range of interests, even Spanish language TV hits. 

Be careful, though — not all shows have their full lineups on the app, while others feature only some seasons for free and some on Premium. For example, long-running shows like Dateline or Saturday Night Live have various snippets to choose from. In SNL’s case, it’s organized by actor: episodes are compiled as a “Best Of:” for big SNL names through the years. Dateline features one random episode per season. All in all, it’s definitely worth thoroughly investigating a title to make sure exactly what you’re looking for is there.

Another feature that makes Peacock stand out is the Channels function. Instead of scrolling through titles and actively choosing an episode to watch, Peacock has a lineup of channels curated for specific tastes to combine the best parts of streaming and live TV into one. Some of these are genre channels, such as ones that run game shows or news headlines all day. Others are based on a specific show — if you want an endless stream of Hell’s Kitchen or Keeping Up With The Kardashians, then you’re in luck, because those exist!

Peacock can be a little difficult to figure out at first because it’s so different from streaming apps most people are used to, but in the end, its uniqueness is one of its strengths. If Netflix fatigue is getting you down, give Peacock a try! With no obligation to pay (or even input any card details) on the free plan, there’s little reason not to give it a download and scroll around for a while. 



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